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The St. Paul Preschool staff provides a rich variety of age-appropriate developmental activities in a Christian atmosphere. 
Opportunities abound for growth and learning in all areas of development.


Two-day program

The low teacher to child ratio allows high levels of teacher interaction with every child. Your toddler will explore, question, and discover with age-appropriate materials and activities. The classroom offers a wide variety of hands-on learning through exploration and play.


Two- and three-day programs

Your little preschooler is learning and growing quickly. The three-year-old curriculum builds on basic concepts such as counting, letter, and number recognition as well as phonemic awareness while having plenty of opportunities to play and develop his/her social skills.


Four-day program

St. Paul Preschool participates in Iowa's Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program (SWVPP). Through this program, tuition for our 4-year-olds is provided by the state. Students must be four (by Sept. 15 of the current year) and residents of the state of Iowa. With both teacher-guided small group and whole class learning experiences, child-guided activities and free choice centers, your child will continue to strengthen his/her areas of social and emotional, physical, language and literacy, mathematical reasoning, social studies, science and creative developments. The four-year-old preschool program prepares your child for their next exciting chapter...kindergarten!

What the 4-year-old preschool program offers »


A balance of planned activities and free play fosters interaction with adults and other children. This environment encourages mutual respect, empathy, and cooperation as children acquire skills in communication and problem solving.


The preschool is a secure place where each child feels accepted, respected, and encouraged to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Activities nurture well-being and a sense

of self-worth.


Children are given opportunities to pursue their interests, seek information, and expand their thinking capacities. Classrooms are geared to the exploration

of real objects, role playing, repetition, problem-solving,

and sharing.


The staff provides the scaffolding for a child’s faith development through chapel, guided conversations, teachable moments, stories, and songs.

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